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Ethically sourced handcrafted virgin hair extensions in Manchester & Cheshire

We use  the very finest hair available in the world to handcraft Sable & Locks's bespoke virgin hair extensions. All the hair we source for our hair extensions is 100% "Virgin" meaning it has never been chemically processed in any way. Raw Single donor ponytails are cherry picked and remain untouched "virgin", until we begin meticulous raw hair preparation work, removing short hairs and blending strands.

Hair Extension Discounts Available in Manchester & Cheshire

We are offering Savings on hair extensions with prices from £99 and maintenance prices from £50

Savings of over over 50% are available on micro ring hair extentions to new customers depending on volume & length.

How long do your hair extensions last?

Our virgin hair extensions can be re refitted again and again because we use the best single donor ponytail raw hair available anywhere in the world. It is  cuticle intact and aligned, soft, strong and will never tangle ,matte or look fake like cheaper imitations. This hair can last into years with correct hair extension maintenance! If like me you are a big fan of tinting your hair and heat styling it will obviously reduce its life span. My current head of hair has been dyed 4 times over 2 years and still looks and feels so beautiful nobody can ever tell I wear extensions.

I've had "virgin hair" before but it didn't last, why is yours different?

Because our hair is truly and totally raw, unprocessed and natural. It is cut at bob length into an elastic band held ponytail and no chemicals have ever been near it. When hair labelled "virgin" is bought in packets or from a website by an extension artist it is either Indian or Chinese and much lower quality than our raw virgin hair. 

Indian temple hair makes up around 50% of all the hair in the industry with around 40% being from China and other parts of Asia. This hair is lighted from its dark blacks and drowns and labelled as Russian, Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Remy 6A, 7AA 8AAA.

The defining factor is the quality, how long it looks good and moves well. How well it washes with normal shampoo and conditioners is a dead give away. Hair with a damaged cuticle from processing becomes very heavy when washed because water seeps in and swells the strands. Lots of conditioner and oils must be used to make it manageable again.

But the factory it was shipped from is in Russia?

India and China export hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hair to Russia, Brazil, America and the UK. There it is shipped to other countries, packaged, advertised and labeled as whatever they think will gain the highest price for their market and unfortunately applied to the heads of unsuspecting ladies by inexperienced extension artists offering cheep deals on "Virgin Russian Hair"

Virgin hair is more expensive in comparison..is it worth it?

Yes...just touch it and you will see and feel the difference to other hair extensions. True virgin hair is light, free flowing, soft, shiny and doesn't require any special products other than a good natural conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends. It can be blow dried, curled and straightened and retain its fantastic luster and shine year after year. It will be matched by us to your own hairs textures and tones and never tangle, matte or become unmanageable so long as hair extension maintenance appointments are kept.

How do you make the extensions from raw ponytails?

With traditional wig maker’s tools and brushes we remove shorter hairs from raw ponytails, and with age old techniques make double drawn blends. Your bespoke hair extensions are then tipped in Italian keratin before being fitted discretely with "Micro Rings", creating hair extensions that are perfectly natural, beautiful & healthy

We ethically source two types of virgin hair so we can blend extensions to all textures.

Russian hair is revered as the holy grail in hair extensions, it is glossy and light & has a wear life of up to 5 years when properly maintained. With a breaking strain of copper wire of equal diameter these beautiful extensions remain luscious and strong year after year. Russian virgin hair is a perfect match for ladies of European descent with smooth hair. The hair is collected in and around Russia and Ukraine by hair collectors. A fair price is paid to women who wish to sell their hair. All the bundles are cuticle aligned and perfectly cleansed.

I am blonde and I've heard you cannot buy Virgin blonde hair?

The most desirable & expensive hair to be found is long blonde virgin Russian hair. Long blonde hair is a status symbol all over the world. It carries a higher price than the mid brown colours. This is because it is so rare in today's market, it is seen as a sign of great beauty and wealth all over the world and can be bought by only a select few who are willing to pay the premium. Women in Russia will hold out for the highest bidder over many years and finally cut it when they have reached a price they are satisfied with.

Indian hair is collected from temples during a religious Hindu ceremony called tonsuring. This hair is ideal for many European ladies because it ranges in texture from fine to coarse and has wavy & curly textures. Not everybody has smooth sleek hair and straightening your own hair to match your extensions is a painstaking process that ruins your natural hair. Even if you wear your own curly hair straight, it is important to blend & fit hair extensions of a similar texture so that they can be treated and styled as your own. If sleek hair is fitted in hair prone to frizz....a minute or two of drizzle can make it noticeable a lady is wearing extensions. We will never let a lady wear extensions fitted by us that do not perfectly mimic her own hair in movement and characteristics.

Our Indian hair is lower in price than our virgin Russian hair extensions and we are happy to arrange quotes at free consultation.

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