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Sable & Lock Micro Ring Hair Extensions

No heat, no glue, no damage. The micro ring hair extension methods is simple and versatile allowing for safe, chemical free application and removal of your hair extensions. Beautiful strands are fitted securely and discretely in place and unlike fusion methods, nothing sticks to your hair.

Hair Extension Discounts Available in Manchester & Cheshire

We are offering Savings on hair extensions with prices from £99 and maintenance prices from £50

Savings of over over 50% are available on micro ring hair extentions to new customers depending on volume & length.


How are micro ring hair extensions attached?

We use a selection of 5 of the tiniest Micro rings about 2x3 mm, to discretely secure your hair extensions to your own hair and blend them carefully so that nobody will ever know you are wearing extensions. The top section of your own hair is clipped up and rows of extensions added in ether of two patterns,brick work (half head) or continuous lines (full head). A small section of your hair, about the breath of a pencil, is threaded through the micro ring & then the tip of the extension strand is slotted in too. We then close the micro ring tight and this secures your beautiful strands in place for approximate 6-8 weeks. At this point you will have a maintenance appointment to tighten them.

What is hair extension maintenance?

The micro ring will be squeezed open and replaced like for like and the extension strand re-positioned in its original place. The reason for the unspecified maintenance time is that this varies from client to client,depending on hair growth rate and texture. Strong straight haired girls tend to need hair extension maintenance less often. Curly haired girls often need hair extension maintenance checks at 5-8 weeks,  as it's more fragile and can be prone to matting if neglected.

How Long do Remy Hair Extensions last?

Remy hair extensions can, depending on the quality of the original ponytails it was collected from before processing, last 6 months to 2 years. Remy hair extensions are the second best hair extensions below virgin.

How long do Balmain Remy Hair extensions last?

You'll have seen the incredible Balmain wigs seamlessly transform well known supermodels In Paris last season. In their construction and colour blending they are unbeatable. Even the box the pieces comes is designed & made at the house & divine. Their ready to wear range includes ingenious voluptuous hair on a wire and invisible clip systems for versatile hair extension styling without visibility. They are ideal for ladies wanting a gorgeous instant hair enhancer, without waking up with a mane. Along with ready to wear the semi permanent Balmain micro ring range can be worn consecutively for around 9 months if cared for with the products we provide and maintenance are appointments kept.

How long do Fabulong Remy Hair Extensions last?

Fabulong double drawn Remy hair extensions are made using Chinese & Indian temple hair. They are available in a truly awesome assortment of base tones, vibrant colours, ombre and balayage shades. They are applied as wefts. which are full & thick, or tiny yet very effective micro rings. They average a 3 month wearlife.

How long do Beauty Works Remy Hair Extensions last?

 Beauty Works Remy hair extensions are made with 100% human hair carefully processed into wonderful range of Double drawn Gold and celebrity choice wefts and strands, which if maintained well are lasting ladies 6-months to a year & more. They are available in a constantly updated array of colours, ombre & and balayage shades.

How long do Sable & Lock Virgin hair extensions last?

Our bespoke virgin hair extensions are the longest lasting and highest quality avalible when properly maintained they can be worn continually for at least a year. They are made from the finest raw Russian hair. This hair is characterized by its glossy, long, strong yet fine, light texture. Because our virgin hair extensions are made from totally unprocessed hair the hair will last as long as you could expect your own hair to, if not better, depending on your own hairs chemical history.

Which is better Remy or Virgin hair extensions?

This all depends on what you want from your extensions. Say you are new to hair extensions and you just want to try, or you have had a terrible hair cut you need to erase you would probably choose from our remy ranges.

If a clients wants to invest in virgin hair extensions we detail & source virgin ponytails, usually 2 or 3 specifically for them. We blend these into strands perfectly mimicking your own and tip them in Italian keratin. The quality is astounding to people who have previously only worn remy.  We cheekily say that although Balmain are the masters of Couture hair, Sable & Lock are in terms of hair quality and specific texture matching, miles ahead. And because we tip & blend this hair just for you, we can tailor make your hair extensions in specific weights, depending on your hair's individual strength, growth and combination characteristics.

We are committed to client satisfaction and fully qualified and insured hair extension application. If you have researched you will know the method we use is the safest available.

Micro Rings

The discreet Micro Rings lie comfortably flat against the head, ensuring a natural & manageable finish. Micro Rings prevent shedding & loss of thickness to your beautifully hand crafted strands, ensuring they remain full and glorious between maintenance and re-tipping appointments.. Micro Rings allow 100% of the hair extensions to be refitted again and again unlike damaging fusion hair extension applications .

As a guide how much hair will I need?

This depends on 4 things. How long your hair is? How thick your hair is? How long you'd like it to be? How thick you'd like it to be? Our quarter heads and half heads are for thickening & adding volume to your own hair. Three quarter heads and full heads are for adding beautiful inches

Will my own hair be damaged by hair extensions?

Professionally applied hair extensions should never damage your own hair. Hair extension techniques using Heat and glue can damage the hair, giving hair extensions a bad reputation. Our hair extensions cushion your own strands, over time natural hair often becomes healthier as a result of the reduced direct styling applied to its total surface.

Are hair extensions difficult to wash?

No, you will certainty have more hair so it will be heavier and take a little longer than usual. Rather than scrubbing & rubbing the scalp gently squeeze and rinse with your fingertips. Applying conditioner on top of the rings can cause them to  slip over time. Applying conditioner to the ends of your own hair and through the extensions is all that is needed as the hair nearest the scalp is conditioned by natural oils.

Are hair extensions difficult to style?

Our hair extensions are 100% natural & blended to match your texture and tones so you can wash blow dry and heat style as your own. Heat should be kept off the bonds directly so as to not encourage deterioration and care should be taken when swishing!


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