Hair Extensions Maintenance, Re-tipping and Re-fitting in Manchester & Cheshire

Hair Extension Maintenance & Re-tipping Appointments Available To Suit You

We offer quality affordable evening, late night & weekend hair extension maintenance in the Manchester and Cheshire area to suit our valued clients. Hair extension maintenance is vital to keep your extensions and natural hair in great condition.

Hair Extension Discounts Available in Manchester & Cheshire

We are offering Savings on hair extensions with prices from £99 and maintenance prices from £50

Savings of over over 50% are available on micro ring hair extentions to new customers depending on volume & length.

Sable & Lock Hair Extensions Maintenance Prices in Manchester & Cheshire

View the prices below for Sable & Lock Hair Extension Maintenance. Hair extensions maintenance is important to maintain the quality and longevity of your hair and appointments should be made every 8 - 12 weeks depending on your hair.

Half Three Quarter Full Mega
Tips Maintenance £45 £60 £75 £90
Weft Maintenance £30 £45
Tip & Weft Combination £40 £50 £60 £70

What is hair extension maintenance?

During maintenance appointments your hair extensions will be removed, re-tipped as needed and re-fitted in the original position nearest to the roots. Maintenance prevents your own hair from becoming tangled or matted and ensures no damage ever occurs. When using top quality virgin hair you will not discard you hair after a few weeks or months. Because of its high quality it can be re fitted at maintenance appointments again & again.

How often will I need hair extension maintenance?

Depending on how quickly your own hair grows 6 weeks to 2 months. This is a guide and we will check your extensions for you after 6 weeks to see if you need maintenance or not. We will never charge you for maintenance if you don't need it.

My friend has maintenance every 2-3 months why do i need it more often?

Girls with strong, coarse straight hair tend to be able to leave longer between hair extension maintenance appointments than curly and wavy haired girls. This is because straight hair has a circular follicle whereas curly hair has an oval follicle causing the middle to grow more than the sides of that follicle. This means the hair is weaker and has an uneven growth rate. Because of this maintenance id needed more often. Unless properly cared for and maintained neglected hair extensions will lead to tangled roots and matting. That is a nightmare for girls not aware of the need for different girls to have maintenance at different frequency.

What if I didn't have hair extension maintenance?

Your own hair would become damaged and the extensions would begin to pull on your natural hair. In the short term this will lead to breakage and in the long term if hair extension maintenance is not properly carried out in a timely manner it could even lead to traction alopechia

Because we charge very reasonable sums for maintenance you will not need to leave it over a time limit that is safe and we are always willing to remove your hair, give it back to you and see you again if you are having trouble affording reapplication of your hair extensions.

For your extension maintenance appointment we will travel to you & carefully remove, re-tip & re-apply your hair extensions, so that you never have to be without your hair extensions. We will trim and blend your extensions again so that they look and feel as amazing as the first time they were fitted.

How long will hair extension maintenance take?

Maintenance appointments can take between 2-5 hours because great care is taken when re-tipping and re-fitting.  You will notice that our hair extension maintenance prices are well below that of local salons. This is because we do not believe virgin hair extensions should be the reserve of the uber rich and know how off putting these astronomical maintenance fees are for ladies considering extensions. 

What is hair extension Re-tipping?

Re-tipping is the process of renewing the keratin tip that holds the individual strands of the extension together. Quality virgin hair is far more durable than the keratin tip that holds the strands together. Over time the extension tip deteriorates due to the natural oils from your scalp, washing and heat from your dryer. Re-tipping is important because without it the extensions will begin to shed strands and you will loose volume and body. Re-tipping is carried out at maintenance appointments before the extension is re-fitted.

What if I don't have time for a full maintenance appointment, want to leave my extensions out for a while? or don't live in the Manchester area?

We also offer a postal hair extension re tipping service whereby special envelopes will be posted to you and recorded delivery returned. Re-tipping of our hair extensions and good branded Beauty Works, Great Lengths and Remy Cachet Elegance is charged at £20 per hundred strands. Please be aware we only re-tip and re-fit good quality hair.

Why are your hair extension maintenance fees so reasonable compared to others in Manchester?

Having worn hair extensions our entire adult life we know the ongoing cost! Hair extension maintenance is vital and we feel it is unfair and unreasonable to charge huge sums of money to ensure they stay safe and beautiful. Maintenance in local salons offering virgin hair of a similar quality is into the hundreds!!! This means if you are a normal woman who is self conscious about her thin hair you are forced to either wear them only for a few months and throw away your hair (which the salon will keep by the way!) and all the money you invested in the beautiful hair is gone too.

Sable & lock offer the most reasonable maintenance appointments for virgin hair and will be totally transparent with you regarding the cost and process.

Can you cut my own hair at maintenance appointments?

Our extension maintenance fee includes a tiny conditioning trim to your own hair with an ultra sharp razor.  When we have re-tipped and re-fitted your extensions we generally use a razor because it is the best way to achieve a perfectly blended look between your own hair and the extensions. Extension Maintenance fees include this service.

Will my extensions be cut & end up shorter?

The tip is around 1cm long and we use an extremely strong high quality keratin to seal those virgin strands together. If you follow the advice to keep your hair clean and heat away from this tip (section and cool dry roots) then this tip should last through 2 or even 3 maintenance appointments. This means you will not loose any length over that time. When re-tipping is required we will very carefully remove as little length as possible (1cm) and re-tip the hair extension strands before re-fitting.

This means the hair will get shorter over time?

You have invested in the highest quality hair available in the world. You don't throw away a pair of Louboutins or a Belstaff leather jacket because you've had it a year and you wont want to throw away your beautiful hair either! I have had my current hair for 3 years, have dyed it 4 times! I curl it 3 times a week & trim it when it needs it. Although it is about 3 or 4 inches shorter than when I first bought it I still love it and it's beautiful shine. I trust its quality and enjoy that people never know it is extensions unless I tell them...which I always do...because I love the shock on their faces!

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