Fabulong Double Drawn Remy Micro Blend Hair Extensions in Manchester & Cheshire

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Whether you want to subtlety enhance your own hair with a little oomph, or go full on Rapunzel, we can cater to your wishes with Fabulong Double Drawn Remy Micro Blend Hair Extensions. Hair extensions thoroughly trialed and tested to ensure we offer the best quality available to our valued clients.

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Savings of over over 50% are available on micro ring hair extentions to new customers depending on volume & length.

Fabulong Double Drawn Remy Micro Blend Hair Extensions in Manchester & Cheshire

Sable & Lock offer a comprehensive range of Hair Extension brands. The information below will help guide you choose which are the most suitable for you. We offer free, no obligation consultations to help you decide which of our amazing Hair Extension products are right for you.

Double Drawn Remy Micro Blend Full Mega
14 inch £241 £309
18 inch £287 £369
18 inch Ombre £324 £406
22 inch £345 £513
22 inch Ombre £418 £586

Sable & Lock Micro blend hair extensions are the method used to blend short hair into long, natural creations more affordably. We use the two most popular micro ring application methods and these work wonderfully together, giving clients the best of both worlds. A large amount of hair can be fitted as a secure weft to the back of the head and natural movement and blending is achieved with the strand application through the parameters.

Rather than adding all of your extension hair as single strands the largest portion of the hair is fitted as a weft to the strongest part of the head. We then use single strands through the sides and more delicate areas where we feel wefts are not appropriate in terms of comfort and appearance. This means we can blend even short hair into super long creations and really tailor your extensions to suit your head personally.

Wefts are brilliant way to add a lot of hair, but having worn them We feel special attention to blending is required, to give the most natural results on shorter hair. We are very proud to offer this service and its benefits to clients who have combination hair growth.

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