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Welcome to the UK Hair extension blog where I get into all things hair extension related. From hair extension brand reviews to the best hair extension application methods for different hair types. If you are considering hair extensions and wondering which kind to get you’ll find helpful advice and tips on the pros and cons plus I’ll be asking questions such as, which are the best Micro rings? Where can I find the finest virgin hair? & what are the best styling and after care products you can use on hair extensions to keep them looking wonderful?

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Virgin hair extensions in manchester
Virgin hair extensions in manchester

Virgin hair extensions in manchester

Bespoke virgin micro ring hair extensions

Following consultations I find hair that perfectly mimics my clients and cherry pick ponytails to match in texture, colour and tone..

I will be using 4 different sizes of Micro rings for my client after preparing this luscious raw hair & thought I'd offer my thoughts on them to anybody trialing different micro rings.  I selected this gorgeous ponytail for its soft wavy texture and its deep glossy brown. I then removed all of the short hairs from the loose ponytail  before tipping in  "italian keratin" poloymer . I'm making the extensions in bespoke sizes for a lady with thin hair in areas who needed less weight per strand in select areas. The lady is a doctor & will be tying her hair back a lot so she needs discrete thickening and 4 inches extra length with minimal weight in the sides.

I've tried loads of micro rings over the years & selected the four I prefer in the picture above. They are from 3 different companies, Simply hair, Viola & Beauty Works. I use different sized micro rings as i make extensions in varying weights depending on hair density in certain areas. I also have to swap brands based on colour too as there is no standard shade chart for micro rings. I don't use nano beads or rings for reasons I will go into another time.

In size order.

Viola's Mini copper tubes

Size : 3mm x 2.4mm x 3mm (outside diameter-inside diameter-length) for 0.5 Gram strands
500 £11 Plus P&P

Violas's Maxi copper tubes 

Size : 3.5mm x 2.8mm x 4mm (outside diameter-inside diameter-length)  for 1.0 Gram strands
500 £11 Plus P&P

Very small & slim, strong high quality copper tubes with paint that doesn't flake over 2 months. They are a straight tube with no flare I use for the thinnest areas at the sides & in the perimeters . I love them because they are super discrete & lie the flattest of any micro rings I have tried , the colour selection is pretty good too. The original silicone lined 4.5mm micro ring looks like the fat ugly cousin compared to these beauties.  I use them wherever possible & love that Viola do next day delivery.


Beauty Wrorks Copper tubes 

Size: 3.0mmx 2.6mm x 6mm for  0.8 Gram strands

500 £29.99 Plus P&P

They are the perfect match for the celeb choice range & their dark blonde micro ring  fills a gap in the shade chart no other brand has for me.The are longer than the previous two but lightweight and sleek which means extra hold for larger weighted strands .  They have a flared rim on 1 end for ease of fitting, i find useful when refitting strands that don't need fully re tipping. I use them to refit beauty works hair and my own handmade strands.


Simply Hair Micro tubes

Size : 4.0mm x 3.2mm x 4.5  for 1gram strands

500 £20 Plus P&P

I use these with larger handmade strands for there strength & discrete comfort. They are wider than the beauty works but not as long & a tad less pricey. They are slightly longer than violas and I find that extra 0.5mm flared rim helps me clamp & seal the tips in place. There's a good range of colors and next day delivery too. I favor these for the areas of the back middle rows where hair is typically denser.

I've found it's not always the case that a particular brands hair extension colours match their range of micro rings & because I make hair from natural shades iv'e had to experiment with different brands interpretations in tone. I've recently been looking into a shrink system as an option  because they are totally clear blending seamlessly, but do not stick to the hair in the same way fusion methods do. 

Another thing I'm really excited about is PRO Hair Live Manchester 2017 this Sunday, I cant wait to see whats new and will be sharing pics and reviews of the day on here so have a look, or Ill see you there!













Virgin hair extensions in manchester
Virgin hair extensions in manchester
The Genuine article
The Genuine article

The Genuine article

Virgin Russian Hair

Real, Raw, Rare


Genuine Virgin Russian hair makes up lesss than 5% of the hair available in the  extension market today.  

Raw Virgin Russian hair is the rarest & finest in the world, it last for years instead of months like remy & will be undetectable from your own . This gold standard hair is available to only a handful of people in the UK. The  traditional methods we use in Raw hair preparation are part of a  secret skill set that ensures the exclusivity & quality standard of this most desirable & difficult to source product.  It is the same strength as copper wire of the same diameter and will look lush & beautiful throughout its lengthy lifespan.

How do you acquire genuine Virgin hair extensions?

I am extremely lucky after 20 years to have a supplier I trust. This is the hardest part of trading in this unregulated industry. I perform health & quality tests on each bundle, checking for standards such as elasticity and ratio of hair lengths in each ponytail. 

I select raw ponytails especially for each client, the likeness to your own in colour & ability to imitate its movement is key. Raw Russian hair is available in all natural colors & textures, it remains luscious and healthy for up to 3 years if you follow aftercare advice. The icing on the cake is because of its quality, you will pay markedly less over time for gorgeous, natural hair, that perfectly blends with your own.

For stylists & colour technicians this hair is a very useful, fill out small & short, or big & long sections then colour confidently on your client because you’ve strand tested the extensions prior. I draw sell small amounts from 6 inches to thicken out bobs and draw so the ends wont need cutting.

What is Raw hair?

Raw virgin hair is a ponytail cut & kept in the same thick elastic bands until it reaches me. It is tested by a stylist for health & elasticity then cut & weighed if a price is agreed. It has never been even lightly tinted and minimally if ever blow-dried or heat styled. This means you are looking at the best hair available in the world, that will not dry out or look tired.

Raw hair Preparation?

In the picture above it may apper i have several ponytails, but i only have two, one that I have begun to prepare. Hair has 4 different stages of growth, so there are many different length strands all mixed up within a ponytail. You must separate the hairs by length before tipping the strands in a keratin polymer to form a hair extension tip. 

Can I buy a raw virgin ponytail? 

You can’t tip & fit strands straight from a raw ponytail, this will give huge volume at the top along within the client’s own staggered hair and hang thin in the length .I remove all of the shortest hairs from a ponytail & I then draw out lengths. I do this with old wig makers tools & brushes. I take the longest hairs out by hand, single drawing, medium & double drawing, depending on the look my client wants.

Tipping virgin hair extensions?

 In the picture far far below you can see I take the blended strands of hair between my forefingers & thumb. Then heat a keratin polymer until liquefied & dip the strands in about a centimeter from the top. Once in sure every strand s coated i roll them together between my fingers into a compressed tip.  I can make them in varying weights and sizes depending on the clients own hairs density & strength. It’s important to blend colours so each strand and highlight is a continuation of the clients. As a technician you can assess at consultation & take pictures and form a map. I use these to estimate amounts required when buying raw hair based of ratios of tones. I then hand make each strand to ensure seamless exstensions. 

"The beauty and quality of this hair has to be worn to be believed.....once you loose your Virgin hair virginity there's no going back! "

If you would like to book a free consultation or find out more please let me know & or to purchase a colour ring & begin buying our virgin hair extensions please use the contact form.

Sable & Lock

Love Long Hair








The Genuine article
The Genuine article
Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable

Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable

When choosing virgin hair extensions, texture is the MOST important factor BEFORE colour

You’ve either been in them, or seen them, those faux pas hair extension pictures. Girls with bushy, bob length hair, sporting poker straight extensions down their backs. It’s a terrible, terrible look & it puts a more discerning lady off hair extensions. Nobody wants to look like Jordan circa 2010, not even Katie Price.

Jordan Hair Extensions
Katie Price Amazing Hair Extensions


Making Hair Extensions Cost Effective.

Like men and horses all hair extensions aren’t the same. My hair is so fine that some hair extensions never look real. My wispy, curly mind of its own barnet is not an off the shelf look! Financially, virgin Russian hair is actually more cost effective for me because I like to keep my hair for years and trim it. I top it up from time to time and rework it, so I really get the best of it. If I buy hair in 22 inches it can last 5 years with trims! My hair extensions are about discretely enhancing & investing in myself. I know how much great hair extensions improved my self-confidence & sharing that is my dream job!

How To Choose The Right Hair For YOUR Hair Extensions.

Hair, in its structure, is as unique as each & every client & once you find a hair extension technician who understands this, the pain of expensive hair extension mistakes is over. When I am choosing virgin ponytails to make into micro ring hair extensions for my clients, I do it based on texture THEN colour. The density of the strands is the MOST important factor BEFORE colour. A ponytail’s movement when I pick it up tells me all the things I need to know, instantly.

You can colour TRUE virgin hair extensions, making them a preferable choice to colouring your own hair to match lower quality hair extensions. I shudder at the thought of girls doing this, especially if you are trying to grow out damaged strands with breakage, it’s just bad hair husbandry…call the RSPCH!

It can seem counter intuitive not to just colour match off the shelf, but wear the wrong texture of hair & they’ll never look natural, no matter how good the colour match or skills of your hair extension technician. In our British weather, in the gym, on the beach, dancing, when you’ve no time to heat style & whenever things get steamy, you need your hair extensions to match your natural hair’s texture perfectly.

When I first had hair extensions applied 18 years ago I was a victim of every bad extension cliché.

I’d wear the wrong textured hair extensions that didn’t mimic my own fine, wavy, frizzy hair’s behaviour. And this nasty, cheap hair was EXPENSIVE!! I’m very grateful smart phones weren’t around in 1999. I’d straighten the life out of my poor bleach ravaged hair to make it blend in with the poker straight extensions & lived in fear of rain, wind and breaking a sweat. Dodging moisture & humidity like the plague became a way of life. When it did catch me…. I’d look beyond awful. Think Brittany….think WHY! I was a jobbing actress at the time and would get screamed at by my agent for screwing up continuity.

How NOT To Treat Your Hair Extensions.

To disguise the difference in texture I’d slather my frizz in silicone loaded serums & heat style every morning & after every bit of drizzle or passionate snog, battling with my hair extensions & natural hair simultaneously. This led to me melting the silicone from the serum into my damaged hair…which of course, got worse, almost plasticised & broke off! The road to hair we love is seldom strolled without disasters, but if you’re reading this, you’re in the company of a person who has ruined their hair in every single way!

The RIGHT Way To The Most Amazing Hair Extensions.

But…I adore my hair everyday now, because I have a brilliant supply of Russian & European virgin hair & the knowledge experience to look after hair with the best possible products and practices. It took me 2 decades of hair hell to get this mane…but it was worth every second & every penny!

Top class bespoke virgin hair extensions give your natural hair a rest from constant abuse. They surround and cushion your strands, allowing them to recover from a chequered chemical history. Scraping back, ironing and swearing at your hair only to still hate it are a thing of the past.

I like these 18 inch brunette locks most the day AFTER I’ve washed them. For the past 8 weeks I’ve been using the best products I’ve ever had the pleasure to smear on my head, by luxury hair care brand Lanza. I have NEVER been so impressed with a professional hair care range and I’ll write about them in my next post.

Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable
Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable
How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?
How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

The hair extension market is awash with fraudsters and fakes. Good hair isn't cheap hair!

How much do hair extensions cost? The cost of hair extensions varies greatly with the biggest determining factor being the quality of the hair, followed by thickness & length more often determined by weight. The price can range from £25-£4000 Depending of the quality of the hair used, how much hair is fitted and also how honestly the hair has been labelled before it is marketed under the name it is sold. Raw virgin hair is expensive...pound for pound the same as gold and its very easy to sell bad quality hair as good quality hair to individuals who haven't been trained and don't know what to look for.

Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

The Holy grail of hair? Virgin Russian hair extensions, the top end product, with a wear life of up to 4-5 years with the right aftercare. But as with all things, getting the real deal is the rub and girls often end up with cheap hair labelled as virgin Russian that instead of the 5 year wear life lasts merely months. Genuine Russian hair is lush & strong with a breaking strain of copper wire of the same diameter, I have smoothed waves with straighteners in my current hair extensions every other day for 2 years and it’s still utterly gorgeous, healthy and shiny.

The truth is the hair trade's largest exporter is China, Asian hair which is chemically treated to break down the cuticle to make it more like European hair in texture. Then it is lightened from its natural black to achieve lighter browns and blondes and then boiled to seal it and make the uniform curl patterns you see for sale in packets, where you can pick particular curls and waves. Then …it’s basically not even hair anymore. Its cuticle is gone, which is equivalent to the enamel being fried off your teeth. So to make it shine the manufacturers coat it in silicone (it’s in all hair serum, it makes hair slippery and shiny but it seals & plasticises your hair if you use straighteners past its boiling point!…its evil stuff!...see my next article). Once the coating wears off the hair is less than useless and it is very upsetting if this is fitted to your head and you’ve spent a lot of money.

Indian Hair Extensions

Indian Hair is the 2nd largest export, collected from temples in a ceremony called Tonsuring) Hindu men, women & children sacrifice their ego to the gods & symbolise this by shedding their locks. They are more holy folk than I! Personally I love Indian hair because it matches my own light curly wavy texture is dark brown & has a long wear life of 3 years or so. In its raw state it comes in dark browns & black. It can can be slowly & gently lighted by myself with great care and patience which preserves the integrity of the cuticle and means I am able to blend & match my clients tones exactly. This tinting process will decrease its lifespan, decreasing depending on the levels of lightness we need to reach, but because Indian hair is more cost effective than Russian it is a great option for men and women with textured hair.

How To Spot Good Quality Hair Extensions

A trained eye can determine the quality of hair by skilfully testing strands with age old techniques. When I buy hair, I cherry pick quality bundles to ensure my client satisfaction. I have been wearing hair extensions & buying hair for 18 years…I was ripped off so many times…but happily you don’t have to be…so that’s my good hair Karma sorted. If you’ve ever asked yourself why is my hair so dry? Then you might like my next post about the long term effects of silicone in hair serums and conditioners. I LOVED serum and the way the silicone made my hair feel, but it ruined my natural hair. So if you’ve tried every conditioner under the sun & still have dry hair then it could be the culprit…..but help is at hand. Happy Hair Days.

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