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Welcome to the UK Hair extension blog where I get into all things hair extension related. From hair extension brand reviews to the best hair extension application methods for different hair types. If you are considering hair extensions and wondering which kind to get you’ll find helpful advice and tips on the pros and cons plus I’ll be asking questions such as, which are the best Micro rings? Where can I find the finest virgin hair? & what are the best styling and after care products you can use on hair extensions to keep them looking wonderful?

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Balmain's Oliver Rousteing and Sam McKnight mess with everyone's heads...sorry, hair!

Balmain's Oliver Rousteing and Sam McKnight mess with everyone's heads...sorry, hair!

As the 3 Angels of the Balmain apocalypse flew down the catwalk everyone gasped....

Kendall, Rosie, Gigi...always out of this world, but here, in their majesty, undefinable & otherworldly. Corseted, tasseled, cloaked in divine cloth, my favorite new supermodels appeared as players of themselves in a parallel universe.

Balmain, the fashion house hair gurus always make magic tresses, since 1977 they have been the masters, but no gravity deifying architectural updo's swayed down the catwalk in Paris yesterday, no taxidermy artfully caged in strands, not a perched motzartian pineapple in sight. But despite this absence of the outrageous, somehow Oliver Rousteing and Sam McKnight ....had messed with my head...their heads..all of our heads!

That was it...they had swapped their had...oh...they swapped all their hair colours!

Showcasing Olivier Rousteing flamboyant garments by contrast of understated hair colour swapping...Clever hair professors!!!! This was expertly and seamlessly done with Balmain's handcrafted lace front wigs, Uber stylist Sam McKnight said...

“Olivier wanted to create a surprise today, but we’ve still got natural, sexy, easy, cool girl hair"

Indeed lids...mission to the beautiful, parallel lands of supermodel head swapping accomplished, you stylishly out there pair!!

Balmain Hair Extensions

Balmain hair extensions & enhancers have been in my head constantly since my drool on them at the show last week! I was very lucky to speak personally with Balmain hair's national representative Pete Statham, at Pro Hair Live on Sunday. This guy really loves his hair and is an absolute stalwart in the sphere.

Balmain's ready to wear extensions are some of the finest I've ever seen in terms of construction, quality and colour blending. I got to see the latest quick fire fusion techniques applied and watched Steve Golds do some really wonderful catwalk hair with small versatile extensions in ways I'd never even thought of!

I haven't even told you about Pro Hair Live have I!!! I met the Kardashian's hair stylist Jen Atkin!

I've been so busy working on getting my site up and running that I've got a head full of sentences and not enough keyboard skills to kill em! I will be back with more hair extension excitement as soon as I've collected my thoughts..... Balmain hair has screwed with my head and its still spinning!

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