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Welcome to the UK Hair extension blog where I get into all things hair extension related. From hair extension brand reviews to the best hair extension application methods for different hair types. If you are considering hair extensions and wondering which kind to get you’ll find helpful advice and tips on the pros and cons plus I’ll be asking questions such as, which are the best Micro rings? Where can I find the finest virgin hair? & what are the best styling and after care products you can use on hair extensions to keep them looking wonderful?

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What are the best products to use with hair extensions?
What are the best products to use with hair extensions?

What are the best products to use with hair extensions?

Organic hair care for hair extensions.

To restore your own hair and prolong the life of your extensions you need hair care free from nasty synthesized chemicals.

Two chemical compounds to avoid when wearing hair extensions

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & the silicone family

What both virgin & remy hair extensions have in common is the keratin poloymer that seals the strands of the extension hair together into a tip. This poloymer will be deteriorated by SLS, causing sheading.

As well as breaking down silicone coatings on remy hair & keratin tips,  SLS strips the natural, invisible conditioning oils from the scalp. It is a cheep foaming agent used in washing up liquid, powder & cleaning products

SLS use leads your scalp to produce more & more oil as a means of protection & moisture.  This is why when using an  OTC hair care regime hair needs to be washed increasingly frequently. These harsh products create a cycle of reactive oil production, dehydration and breakage.


OTC conditioners, serums & oils contain high amounts of silicone. They sit on the hair making it appear glossy and shiny. When hair is never without otc conditioner, it is like sleeping in foundation.  It’s also a hair extension wearers worst enemy.  When these synthetic smoothing agents get into your micro rings it causes shedding.


You don’t really need this stuff

With the use of high quality organic products you will no longer need to use conditioners & styling products that coat the hair to make it shine. Because the hair will be naturally health, nourished and replenished.

The sinister second reason silicones are terrible for hair.

This layer prevents any nourishment or moisture reaching the hair. 

Once heat styling is then applied this silicone plasticizes, like a laminate, not allowing any nourishment or moisture to penetrate it into the hair shaft.  On a molecular level, silicones still allow moisture to leave the hair when heated. This makes hair frizz free by filling in broken cuticles but gasping for moisture & nourishment underneath


The vicious cycle created by OTC ingredients.

Silicone and synthetic oil layers are only broken down & removed with SLS shampoo. This creates a cycle of unnourished hair suffocated under a silicone film.  Until you wash it in drying Ssls shampoo again & immediately slather another handful of silicone filled conditioner on it.



So why these harmful chemicals widely used & accepted in OTC products?

It’s simple. SLS & silicone are cheap & available in huge quantities & manufacturers know if they get the right person to advertise the range…it will sell & make your hair appear shiny.  Despite the stars advertising this gunk there is no way any respected stylist actually uses these cheap formulas on them. Beyonce is not washing her hair in fairy liquid types stuff & blow drying with a silicone laden serum friends!

Naturally derived, organic plant & flower extracts are more expensive to extract, blend & put into a bottle.

The products in this pack are filled with powerful botanicals extracts from The Polynesian rainforest. They perform because the concentrated, active ingredients nourish and heal naturally. Synthetic chemicals will only mask our hair’s problems, never replace the power of plants to restore health & beauty..

Thought Professional organic hair care was a con?

When I first tried a professional organic shampoo and conditioner I mistakenly thought they were ineffective & didn’t clean my hair properly. After another 10 years of research I now understand why.

 I discovered all the synthesized, silicones & oils in off the shelf products had built into a layer & had to be removed from my hair first.

I had to have a nasty detox

 The gentle organic ingredients in the high end shampoo couldn’t remove this barrier and cleanse, let alone penetrate the cuticle. This rendered my luxury conditioners and oils useless, as they merely sat on top of this film.

Not only was my hair still damaged and weak despite using high end products, but my extension technician at the time couldn’t explain or understand why my hair extensions often slipped out…offering an unhelpful “it must be something you are doing”

I was an actress who was very conscious of her fine, damaged broken hair and I needed to find a way to bring it to life and keep it there. I needed a good extension technician!

Understanding why

The first step to healing your hair is to remove the synthesized layer, so your locks can be fully replenished. It is an especially important step before hair extensions are applied. A harsh, clarifying shampoo containing a high amount of Sodium lauryl sulphate should be used to strip the synthetic build-up. Rinse it completely from your hair or its nasty stuff. This is the only time anyone should use this harsh, manmade chemical on their body, a necessary one  time evil in your healing hair journey.

It leaves hair in a stripped, bare, distressed state, allowing you to then apply a powerful organic product to be sucked up & go deep within, beyond the shaft to your protein chains, where the healing particles can nourish and moisturise it back to health.

Organic regimes will only be effective if you take this first step. All the wonderful flower extracts in the world cannot break down a wall of manmade gunk & oil. It’s like trying to remove foundation with soft water.

 Boots do a very reasonably priced clarifying shampoo for about £3 which is all you need, other off the shelf shampoos contain ingredients to superficially smooth & may not be fully cleansing.

 Following this SLS Strip no conditioner should be applied if you are having hair extensions fitted. This is to ensure no natural silk proteins or oils  are present in the hair, which may lead to slipping. The minute your extensions are fitted I will apply a nourishing remedy.

Only serum I will ever need in my life now is L’anza Neem plans serum.  This incredible product is light but so intensely silky and slippery. It naturally polishes & quenches, smooths and protect my hair from, heat styling & ultra-violate rays and frizzing. Acting as a moisturising shield against the elements.

I have selected 3 products over all other organic luxury hair care

European hair is 50% protein 50% moisture, without this perfect balance being maintained hair becomes dry & unhealthy. The products I've trialed will restore and maintain this delicate equilibrium. 

Hair extension clients normally have the same complaint, they tell me their hair doesn’t grow, this is usually a case of dry, undernourished hair breaking at the ends & poor scalp health caused by chemicals

These products restore your hair back to beautiful, manageable health. You will quickly see and feel the improvement in its softness, health & growth. After probably thousands of pounds spent on product testing I have finally found a hair care developer who’s products deliver their promises and who’s ethos I really like.

L’anza hit all the marks, using only natural, organic botanical ingredients (certified organic), they don’t test on animals and are PETA approved. They use renewable energy in production of their ranges (eco friendly) including recyclable packaging. They and support replanting and regional, community farming practices. And last but not least they smell amazing!

There’s 11 product ranges, each one focuses on solving a client’s specific hair issue. They take an almost diagnostic approach to your hair’s health & offer solutions based on an in salon assessment. The professionals who use L’anza product are doing so because they understand the finer points of trichology & newest technology behind hair care.

Their cleanse, condition & style systems vary in prices depending on the rarity and complexity of the botanical blends contained in each one. I use and swear by the KB2 shampoo and detangler, plus the healing strength neem silk serum. I suggest this to every client and can always tell whos really using it.  It is their most affordable antioxidant and vitamin rich range &  has transformed my hair to a texture and level of health I didn’t think I could achieve again.

The Kb2 Hydrating shampoo gently cleanses away pollutants, whilst maintaining the invisible protective natural oil our scalp needs to stay healthy. Formulated with Lanza’s exclusive Keratin Bond 2 Complex and an Antioxidant rich blend of Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Chamomile and Aloe Vera. It is by a country mile, the nicest shampoo I have ever used.

Next up the KB2 Hydrate Detangler is enriched with a concentrate of hydrating Algae Extract and Shea Butter, bathing hair in nutrients delivering softness, shine & manageability. This intense blend quenches the protein bonds beneath the cuticle.  These long-chain protein bonds are the brickwork of your hair, the base moisture needs to find intact to successfully bind to and revitalize.

 Going one step further than microscopic L’anza trichologists extract & deliver nanoparticles of the most powerful organic botanicals in the KB2 range. They seek out & reconstruct the fabric of your strands, in a similar to the fashion much hyped Olaplex , restoring structure & moisturising at the core.

These powerful organic particles continue to work in the hair long after use because L’anza use a PH altering Polynesian flower extract seal the cuticle in their styling products. The high intensity hydrating particles from your conditioner and serum are retained within the strand, allowing them to work for you continuously.

The Neem plant serum is a natural heat protectant, the derived silk is an incredibly strong fibre that smoothes even the coarsest hair into soft, shiny, beautiful strands. You will need only the tiniest amount through the mid lengths and ends to feel & see its moisturising effects. This is because your roots are now nourished by the natural oils not removed by balancing, cleansing shampoo. It can be used on damp hair and as a topical daily balm for dry ends.

This 3 step process is all you need to rejuvenate and care for your hair although L’anza have some other stand out products I’ve tried a handful and will blog on them soon.

This system it is more than reasonably priced given its effectiveness and quality. This is L’anza’s most affordable product range. The beauty of it is you have expertise of the finest organic  luxury brand, delivering an affordable range of the highest possible quality.  L’anza can afford to do this because they don’t advertise in the same way other companies do and rely on respected hairdressers within the profession to spread the knowledge of their products effectiveness. While other companies are paying big buck for celebs to read scripts,  L’anza are saving your hair & the rain forest!

L’anza products are available in selected salons, you can also visit to get a suggested prescriptive hair care routine after a survey about your hair.




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