When choosing virgin hair extensions, texture is the MOST important factor BEFORE colour

You’ve either been in them, or seen them, those faux pas hair extension pictures. Girls with bushy, bob length hair, sporting poker straight extensions down their backs. It’s a terrible, terrible look & it puts a more discerning lady off hair extensions. Nobody wants to look like Jordan circa 2010, not even Katie Price.

Jordan Hair Extensions
Katie Price Amazing Hair Extensions


Making Hair Extensions Cost Effective.

Like men and horses all hair extensions aren’t the same. My hair is so fine that some hair extensions never look real. My wispy, curly mind of its own barnet is not an off the shelf look! Financially, virgin Russian hair is actually more cost effective for me because I like to keep my hair for years and trim it. I top it up from time to time and rework it, so I really get the best of it. If I buy hair in 22 inches it can last 5 years with trims! My hair extensions are about discretely enhancing & investing in myself. I know how much great hair extensions improved my self-confidence & sharing that is my dream job!

How To Choose The Right Hair For YOUR Hair Extensions.

Hair, in its structure, is as unique as each & every client & once you find a hair extension technician who understands this, the pain of expensive hair extension mistakes is over. When I am choosing virgin ponytails to make into micro ring hair extensions for my clients, I do it based on texture THEN colour. The density of the strands is the MOST important factor BEFORE colour. A ponytail’s movement when I pick it up tells me all the things I need to know, instantly.

You can colour TRUE virgin hair extensions, making them a preferable choice to colouring your own hair to match lower quality hair extensions. I shudder at the thought of girls doing this, especially if you are trying to grow out damaged strands with breakage, it’s just bad hair husbandry…call the RSPCH!

It can seem counter intuitive not to just colour match off the shelf, but wear the wrong texture of hair & they’ll never look natural, no matter how good the colour match or skills of your hair extension technician. In our British weather, in the gym, on the beach, dancing, when you’ve no time to heat style & whenever things get steamy, you need your hair extensions to match your natural hair’s texture perfectly.

When I first had hair extensions applied 18 years ago I was a victim of every bad extension cliché.

I’d wear the wrong textured hair extensions that didn’t mimic my own fine, wavy, frizzy hair’s behaviour. And this nasty, cheap hair was EXPENSIVE!! I’m very grateful smart phones weren’t around in 1999. I’d straighten the life out of my poor bleach ravaged hair to make it blend in with the poker straight extensions & lived in fear of rain, wind and breaking a sweat. Dodging moisture & humidity like the plague became a way of life. When it did catch me…. I’d look beyond awful. Think Brittany….think WHY! I was a jobbing actress at the time and would get screamed at by my agent for screwing up continuity.

How NOT To Treat Your Hair Extensions.

To disguise the difference in texture I’d slather my frizz in silicone loaded serums & heat style every morning & after every bit of drizzle or passionate snog, battling with my hair extensions & natural hair simultaneously. This led to me melting the silicone from the serum into my damaged hair…which of course, got worse, almost plasticised & broke off! The road to hair we love is seldom strolled without disasters, but if you’re reading this, you’re in the company of a person who has ruined their hair in every single way!

The RIGHT Way To The Most Amazing Hair Extensions.

But…I adore my hair everyday now, because I have a brilliant supply of Russian & European virgin hair & the knowledge experience to look after hair with the best possible products and practices. It took me 2 decades of hair hell to get this mane…but it was worth every second & every penny!

Top class bespoke virgin hair extensions give your natural hair a rest from constant abuse. They surround and cushion your strands, allowing them to recover from a chequered chemical history. Scraping back, ironing and swearing at your hair only to still hate it are a thing of the past.

I like these 18 inch brunette locks most the day AFTER I’ve washed them. For the past 8 weeks I’ve been using the best products I’ve ever had the pleasure to smear on my head, by luxury hair care brand Lanza. I have NEVER been so impressed with a professional hair care range and I’ll write about them in my next post.