Bespoke virgin micro ring hair extensions

Following consultations I find hair that perfectly mimics my clients and cherry pick ponytails to match in texture, colour and tone..

I will be using 4 different sizes of Micro rings for my client after preparing this luscious raw hair & thought I'd offer my thoughts on them to anybody trialing different micro rings.  I selected this gorgeous ponytail for its soft wavy texture and its deep glossy brown. I then removed all of the short hairs from the loose ponytail  before tipping in  "italian keratin" poloymer . I'm making the extensions in bespoke sizes for a lady with thin hair in areas who needed less weight per strand in select areas. The lady is a doctor & will be tying her hair back a lot so she needs discrete thickening and 4 inches extra length with minimal weight in the sides.

I've tried loads of micro rings over the years & selected the four I prefer in the picture above. They are from 3 different companies, Simply hair, Viola & Beauty Works. I use different sized micro rings as i make extensions in varying weights depending on hair density in certain areas. I also have to swap brands based on colour too as there is no standard shade chart for micro rings. I don't use nano beads or rings for reasons I will go into another time.

In size order.

Viola's Mini copper tubes

Size : 3mm x 2.4mm x 3mm (outside diameter-inside diameter-length) for 0.5 Gram strands
500 £11 Plus P&P

Violas's Maxi copper tubes 

Size : 3.5mm x 2.8mm x 4mm (outside diameter-inside diameter-length)  for 1.0 Gram strands
500 £11 Plus P&P

Very small & slim, strong high quality copper tubes with paint that doesn't flake over 2 months. They are a straight tube with no flare I use for the thinnest areas at the sides & in the perimeters . I love them because they are super discrete & lie the flattest of any micro rings I have tried , the colour selection is pretty good too. The original silicone lined 4.5mm micro ring looks like the fat ugly cousin compared to these beauties.  I use them wherever possible & love that Viola do next day delivery.


Beauty Wrorks Copper tubes 

Size: 3.0mmx 2.6mm x 6mm for  0.8 Gram strands

500 £29.99 Plus P&P

They are the perfect match for the celeb choice range & their dark blonde micro ring  fills a gap in the shade chart no other brand has for me.The are longer than the previous two but lightweight and sleek which means extra hold for larger weighted strands .  They have a flared rim on 1 end for ease of fitting, i find useful when refitting strands that don't need fully re tipping. I use them to refit beauty works hair and my own handmade strands.


Simply Hair Micro tubes

Size : 4.0mm x 3.2mm x 4.5  for 1gram strands

500 £20 Plus P&P

I use these with larger handmade strands for there strength & discrete comfort. They are wider than the beauty works but not as long & a tad less pricey. They are slightly longer than violas and I find that extra 0.5mm flared rim helps me clamp & seal the tips in place. There's a good range of colors and next day delivery too. I favor these for the areas of the back middle rows where hair is typically denser.

I've found it's not always the case that a particular brands hair extension colours match their range of micro rings & because I make hair from natural shades iv'e had to experiment with different brands interpretations in tone. I've recently been looking into a shrink system as an option  because they are totally clear blending seamlessly, but do not stick to the hair in the same way fusion methods do. 

Another thing I'm really excited about is PRO Hair Live Manchester 2017 this Sunday, I cant wait to see whats new and will be sharing pics and reviews of the day on here so have a look, or Ill see you there!