Virgin Russian Hair

Real, Raw, Rare


Genuine Virgin Russian hair makes up lesss than 5% of the hair available in the  extension market today.  

Raw Virgin Russian hair is the rarest & finest in the world, it last for years instead of months like remy & will be undetectable from your own . This gold standard hair is available to only a handful of people in the UK. The  traditional methods we use in Raw hair preparation are part of a  secret skill set that ensures the exclusivity & quality standard of this most desirable & difficult to source product.  It is the same strength as copper wire of the same diameter and will look lush & beautiful throughout its lengthy lifespan.

How do you acquire genuine Virgin hair extensions?

I am extremely lucky after 20 years to have a supplier I trust. This is the hardest part of trading in this unregulated industry. I perform health & quality tests on each bundle, checking for standards such as elasticity and ratio of hair lengths in each ponytail. 

I select raw ponytails especially for each client, the likeness to your own in colour & ability to imitate its movement is key. Raw Russian hair is available in all natural colors & textures, it remains luscious and healthy for up to 3 years if you follow aftercare advice. The icing on the cake is because of its quality, you will pay markedly less over time for gorgeous, natural hair, that perfectly blends with your own.

For stylists & colour technicians this hair is a very useful, fill out small & short, or big & long sections then colour confidently on your client because you’ve strand tested the extensions prior. I draw sell small amounts from 6 inches to thicken out bobs and draw so the ends wont need cutting.

What is Raw hair?

Raw virgin hair is a ponytail cut & kept in the same thick elastic bands until it reaches me. It is tested by a stylist for health & elasticity then cut & weighed if a price is agreed. It has never been even lightly tinted and minimally if ever blow-dried or heat styled. This means you are looking at the best hair available in the world, that will not dry out or look tired.

Raw hair Preparation?

In the picture above it may apper i have several ponytails, but i only have two, one that I have begun to prepare. Hair has 4 different stages of growth, so there are many different length strands all mixed up within a ponytail. You must separate the hairs by length before tipping the strands in a keratin polymer to form a hair extension tip. 

Can I buy a raw virgin ponytail? 

You can’t tip & fit strands straight from a raw ponytail, this will give huge volume at the top along within the client’s own staggered hair and hang thin in the length .I remove all of the shortest hairs from a ponytail & I then draw out lengths. I do this with old wig makers tools & brushes. I take the longest hairs out by hand, single drawing, medium & double drawing, depending on the look my client wants.

Tipping virgin hair extensions?

 In the picture far far below you can see I take the blended strands of hair between my forefingers & thumb. Then heat a keratin polymer until liquefied & dip the strands in about a centimeter from the top. Once in sure every strand s coated i roll them together between my fingers into a compressed tip.  I can make them in varying weights and sizes depending on the clients own hairs density & strength. It’s important to blend colours so each strand and highlight is a continuation of the clients. As a technician you can assess at consultation & take pictures and form a map. I use these to estimate amounts required when buying raw hair based of ratios of tones. I then hand make each strand to ensure seamless exstensions. 

"The beauty and quality of this hair has to be worn to be believed.....once you loose your Virgin hair virginity there's no going back! "

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