Pastel hair is still going strong so dare to be fair, with remy hair extensions by Fabulong

Fabulong's Pastel hair extensions are a brilliant way to thicken up and extend bleach ravished strands. I love pastel hair extensions; my own was a pretty shade of baby pink…but that was the first time round many years ago!

The only problem for me and my pastel pink hair was that I was dark box dye brunette and to get my hair light enough I had to bleach my bob until there was nothing more than a pixi cut left!

Luckily there is now the wonder product Olaplex to minimise the damage of bleaching, and Fabulong Pastel hair extensions to pump up the volume and extend the prettiness!  

This rooted pastel hair extension range by Fabulong is perfect because, by adding them as single micro ring extensions, we can minimise the demarcation when your roots grow through. Meaning we are attaching the hair extensions to healthy hair, near the root, that has not been battered by the bleaching.

To learn all about Olaplex and how it totally transforms lightened hair visit my pal here

We are offering Fabulong Remy Pastel hair extensions as micro ring extensions in lengths 12 - 22 inches. If you take advantage of our hair extension models wanted in Manchester offer with our apprentice Joy you can receive a wonderful model hair extension discount.

If you are a fair-hearted punk dying to get out you can, depending on your chemical history, go to a salon that uses Olaplex or if you're a handy home hair dye DIY chick, I've found a fantastic guide here by the wonderful Emi Unicorn.

Here’s to pastel tresses and pretty punk manes!