Should I get hair extensions? Are they safe? Are they practical? And other musings...

I am so happy to be launching Sable & Lock hair extensions! I've been wearing, researching and training for years and bring all that experience to mind when meeting with, creating and applying my client's new hair. I'm utterly obsessed with hair, I always have been...if my hair looks good... I can deal with anything!

I decided to start my own hair extensions business in Manchester as I was having difficult finding consistently good hair, service and maintenance appointments at a reasonable price with the salons and mobile hair extension artists who were available. I decided if people doing a half-hearted job could make a living, then with my passion I could deliver what was missing.

"We love long hair and want you to look amazing, because if you do...we do too!"

I wanted to make girls feel special and valued as customers whilst delivering a top draw product...the hair of their dreams. My training, plus 18 years of trials with other extension artists and salons up north, are the perfect background in knowing the joys and pitfalls of the hair extension market.

If you've been looking into hair extensions for a while, you'll know that bespoke blends of raw virgin hair, applied with micro rings are the best hair extensions you can get. They look completely natural, are long lasting and are totally non-damaging to your own hair.

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Everything you need to know about hair extensions is right here!

If you are just beginning your research, you have come to the right place. I can tell you all the things I wish somebody had told me 18 years ago and why I have chosen to specialise in traditional raw hair preparation and Micro ring application. I offer free no obligation consultations where all of your questions can be answered and your hair & scalp assessed to ascertain if hair extensions are a good option for you.