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Welcome to the UK Hair extension blog where I get into all things hair extension related. From hair extension brand reviews to the best hair extension application methods for different hair types. If you are considering hair extensions and wondering which kind to get you’ll find helpful advice and tips on the pros and cons plus I’ll be asking questions such as, which are the best Micro rings? Where can I find the finest virgin hair? & what are the best styling and after care products you can use on hair extensions to keep them looking wonderful?

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The Genuine article
The Genuine article

The Genuine article

Virgin Russian Hair

Real, Raw, Rare


Genuine Virgin Russian hair makes up lesss than 5% of the hair available in the  extension market today.  

Raw Virgin Russian hair is the rarest & finest in the world, it last for years instead of months like remy & will be undetectable from your own . This gold standard hair is available to only a handful of people in the UK. The  traditional methods we use in Raw hair preparation are part of a  secret skill set that ensures the exclusivity & quality standard of this most desirable & difficult to source product.  It is the same strength as copper wire of the same diameter and will look lush & beautiful throughout its lengthy lifespan.

How do you acquire genuine Virgin hair extensions?

I am extremely lucky after 20 years to have a supplier I trust. This is the hardest part of trading in this unregulated industry. I perform health & quality tests on each bundle, checking for standards such as elasticity and ratio of hair lengths in each ponytail. 

I select raw ponytails especially for each client, the likeness to your own in colour & ability to imitate its movement is key. Raw Russian hair is available in all natural colors & textures, it remains luscious and healthy for up to 3 years if you follow aftercare advice. The icing on the cake is because of its quality, you will pay markedly less over time for gorgeous, natural hair, that perfectly blends with your own.

For stylists & colour technicians this hair is a very useful, fill out small & short, or big & long sections then colour confidently on your client because you’ve strand tested the extensions prior. I draw sell small amounts from 6 inches to thicken out bobs and draw so the ends wont need cutting.

What is Raw hair?

Raw virgin hair is a ponytail cut & kept in the same thick elastic bands until it reaches me. It is tested by a stylist for health & elasticity then cut & weighed if a price is agreed. It has never been even lightly tinted and minimally if ever blow-dried or heat styled. This means you are looking at the best hair available in the world, that will not dry out or look tired.

Raw hair Preparation?

In the picture above it may apper i have several ponytails, but i only have two, one that I have begun to prepare. Hair has 4 different stages of growth, so there are many different length strands all mixed up within a ponytail. You must separate the hairs by length before tipping the strands in a keratin polymer to form a hair extension tip. 

Can I buy a raw virgin ponytail? 

You can’t tip & fit strands straight from a raw ponytail, this will give huge volume at the top along within the client’s own staggered hair and hang thin in the length .I remove all of the shortest hairs from a ponytail & I then draw out lengths. I do this with old wig makers tools & brushes. I take the longest hairs out by hand, single drawing, medium & double drawing, depending on the look my client wants.

Tipping virgin hair extensions?

 In the picture far far below you can see I take the blended strands of hair between my forefingers & thumb. Then heat a keratin polymer until liquefied & dip the strands in about a centimeter from the top. Once in sure every strand s coated i roll them together between my fingers into a compressed tip.  I can make them in varying weights and sizes depending on the clients own hairs density & strength. It’s important to blend colours so each strand and highlight is a continuation of the clients. As a technician you can assess at consultation & take pictures and form a map. I use these to estimate amounts required when buying raw hair based of ratios of tones. I then hand make each strand to ensure seamless exstensions. 

"The beauty and quality of this hair has to be worn to be believed.....once you loose your Virgin hair virginity there's no going back! "

If you would like to book a free consultation or find out more please let me know & or to purchase a colour ring & begin buying our virgin hair extensions please use the contact form.

Sable & Lock

Love Long Hair








The Genuine article
The Genuine article
Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable

Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable

When choosing virgin hair extensions, texture is the MOST important factor BEFORE colour

You’ve either been in them, or seen them, those faux pas hair extension pictures. Girls with bushy, bob length hair, sporting poker straight extensions down their backs. It’s a terrible, terrible look & it puts a more discerning lady off hair extensions. Nobody wants to look like Jordan circa 2010, not even Katie Price.

Jordan Hair Extensions
Katie Price Amazing Hair Extensions


Making Hair Extensions Cost Effective.

Like men and horses all hair extensions aren’t the same. My hair is so fine that some hair extensions never look real. My wispy, curly mind of its own barnet is not an off the shelf look! Financially, virgin Russian hair is actually more cost effective for me because I like to keep my hair for years and trim it. I top it up from time to time and rework it, so I really get the best of it. If I buy hair in 22 inches it can last 5 years with trims! My hair extensions are about discretely enhancing & investing in myself. I know how much great hair extensions improved my self-confidence & sharing that is my dream job!

How To Choose The Right Hair For YOUR Hair Extensions.

Hair, in its structure, is as unique as each & every client & once you find a hair extension technician who understands this, the pain of expensive hair extension mistakes is over. When I am choosing virgin ponytails to make into micro ring hair extensions for my clients, I do it based on texture THEN colour. The density of the strands is the MOST important factor BEFORE colour. A ponytail’s movement when I pick it up tells me all the things I need to know, instantly.

You can colour TRUE virgin hair extensions, making them a preferable choice to colouring your own hair to match lower quality hair extensions. I shudder at the thought of girls doing this, especially if you are trying to grow out damaged strands with breakage, it’s just bad hair husbandry…call the RSPCH!

It can seem counter intuitive not to just colour match off the shelf, but wear the wrong texture of hair & they’ll never look natural, no matter how good the colour match or skills of your hair extension technician. In our British weather, in the gym, on the beach, dancing, when you’ve no time to heat style & whenever things get steamy, you need your hair extensions to match your natural hair’s texture perfectly.

When I first had hair extensions applied 18 years ago I was a victim of every bad extension cliché.

I’d wear the wrong textured hair extensions that didn’t mimic my own fine, wavy, frizzy hair’s behaviour. And this nasty, cheap hair was EXPENSIVE!! I’m very grateful smart phones weren’t around in 1999. I’d straighten the life out of my poor bleach ravaged hair to make it blend in with the poker straight extensions & lived in fear of rain, wind and breaking a sweat. Dodging moisture & humidity like the plague became a way of life. When it did catch me…. I’d look beyond awful. Think Brittany….think WHY! I was a jobbing actress at the time and would get screamed at by my agent for screwing up continuity.

How NOT To Treat Your Hair Extensions.

To disguise the difference in texture I’d slather my frizz in silicone loaded serums & heat style every morning & after every bit of drizzle or passionate snog, battling with my hair extensions & natural hair simultaneously. This led to me melting the silicone from the serum into my damaged hair…which of course, got worse, almost plasticised & broke off! The road to hair we love is seldom strolled without disasters, but if you’re reading this, you’re in the company of a person who has ruined their hair in every single way!

The RIGHT Way To The Most Amazing Hair Extensions.

But…I adore my hair everyday now, because I have a brilliant supply of Russian & European virgin hair & the knowledge experience to look after hair with the best possible products and practices. It took me 2 decades of hair hell to get this mane…but it was worth every second & every penny!

Top class bespoke virgin hair extensions give your natural hair a rest from constant abuse. They surround and cushion your strands, allowing them to recover from a chequered chemical history. Scraping back, ironing and swearing at your hair only to still hate it are a thing of the past.

I like these 18 inch brunette locks most the day AFTER I’ve washed them. For the past 8 weeks I’ve been using the best products I’ve ever had the pleasure to smear on my head, by luxury hair care brand Lanza. I have NEVER been so impressed with a professional hair care range and I’ll write about them in my next post.

Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable
Wavy & Curly, Textured Hair Extensions - Understated & Undetectable
Beauty Works Jen Atkin Collection Hair Extensions
Beauty Works Jen Atkin Collection Hair Extensions

Beauty Works Jen Atkin Collection Hair Extensions

Beauty Works Launch New Jen Atkin Collection at Pro Hair Live Manchester 2016

For me the highlight of Pro Hair Live Manchester 2016 was Jen Atkin launching her Range for Beauty Works. I'd come to see the semi-permanent Invisiwefts be launched on the Beauty Works stage by Jen Atkin herself and watch her apply and style these extremely promising Remy hair extensions in Manchester Central!

I was lucky enough to meet the lady herself and find out all about her invisible hair extension systems. The wefts come in 18 inches and are 28” wide holding 80 grams of remy hair and they retail at £233.99 to £277.99. They are for professional application and will require tightening every 4-6 weeks.

Sable & Lock are currently offering hair extensions model discount with our apprentice Joy whilst she quickens her skills. Hair extension maintenance in Manchester is reduced by 50% and maintenance on Beauty Works Wefts is now only £25. Joy is fully qualified & insured in micro ring & bead weave methods & loves long hair! We recommend the bead weave method as it used no heat, glue or sewing which can strain the hair in many ways. It also means never again the dreaded snagging & breaking of weft thread!

The Hair Extensions

These wefts are the most discreet available on the market, crafted onto a fine silk base that disappears into the hair line when colour matched. They are the most malleable, fine weft hair extensions I've seen to date. When fitted using the micro bead weave method the Jen Atkin Invisiwefts lie flatter than other weft extensions & are extremely comfortable and lightweight. Each Invisiweft holds 80 grams of coloured cuticle correct 18” Double Drawn hair, guaranteed by Jen Atkin & Beauty Works to remain lush for 9 months with Beauty Works after-care products available here.

You may also be interested in our article about Beauty Works Balayage Hair Extensions.

We also have another article about our visit to the Pro Hair Live 2016 Manchester Show.

The Hair Used To Make The Beauty Works Jen Atkin Invisiwefts

The Jen Atkin Beauty Works Invisiwefts use high quality Remy Hair using genuine European hair that goes through a stage-by stage process to ensure beautifully crafted hair extensions. Sourced from genuine virgin ponytails, the hair is hand-selected from the healthiest Virgin human hair. It is then Double Drawn, meaning the Shorter hairs are removed by hand, leaving perfectly uniform hair to create thicker, fuller hair from root to tip.

20 Multi-tonal Colour Options By Jen Atkin

Using organic pigments Beauty Works & Jen Atkin have created 20 beautiful multi-tonal hair extension colour options. There unique glossy combinations are blended & hand processed offering long lasting shine and brilliant colour.

The 6 Beautiful Dark Tones

Jet Set Black, Natural Black, Ebony Black, Raven, Hot Toffee ,Chocolate

The 9 Gorgeous Blond Shades

Blondette, Honey Blonde, Caramelt, Tanned Blonde, Bohemian Blonde, Champagne Blonde, LA Blonde, Pure Platinum, Frozen

The Jen Atkin Beauty Works Rooted Collection

Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Rodeo Drive, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica

Beauty Works Jen Atkin Invisiweft Hair Extensions

If you wear hair extensions and colour your hair you will know the pain of disguising a 5 week growth when your weft hair extension tightening appointment isn't for another 7 days!

With the rooted collection by Jen Atkin, girls with darker roots can disguise the demarcation line, meaning the weft disappears into the dark natural stretched root appearance, meaning you only need colour the T-section of your hair between hair extension maintenance appointments!

Jen Atkin & Beauty Works have outdone all previous hair wefts with the rooted Invisiweft for those who colour their hair and wear hair extensions. I for one am very much looking forward to purchasing 2 Bel-Air 80 gram Invisiwefts to fit as micro ring wefts.

These are the longest guaranteed hair extension wefts by Beauty Works, they usually give a wear life of 6 months but they have upped the quality for the Jen Atkin Collaboration. The Remy hair is gently processed & coloured leaving it is cuticle retained down the entire shaft. Because the protein bonds are not damaged, moisture can attach to them meaning glossier hair extensions for longer.

The design, production and high quality elements of the Jen Atkin Beauty Works Invisiweft make these hair extensions the best available wefts in the mass manufactured market today. If you would like to try Jen Atkin Beauty Works Weft Hair Extensions and live in the Manchester area we have fantastic hair extension model offers available with up to 40% off.

Please contact us here to arrange a free consultation.

Beauty Works Jen Atkin Collection Hair Extensions
Beauty Works Jen Atkin Collection Hair Extensions
Pretty Pastel Remy Hair Extensions by Fabulong
Pretty Pastel Remy Hair Extensions by Fabulong

Pretty Pastel Remy Hair Extensions by Fabulong

Pastel hair is still going strong so dare to be fair, with remy hair extensions by Fabulong

Fabulong's Pastel hair extensions are a brilliant way to thicken up and extend bleach ravished strands. I love pastel hair extensions; my own was a pretty shade of baby pink…but that was the first time round many years ago!

The only problem for me and my pastel pink hair was that I was dark box dye brunette and to get my hair light enough I had to bleach my bob until there was nothing more than a pixi cut left!

Luckily there is now the wonder product Olaplex to minimise the damage of bleaching, and Fabulong Pastel hair extensions to pump up the volume and extend the prettiness!  

This rooted pastel hair extension range by Fabulong is perfect because, by adding them as single micro ring extensions, we can minimise the demarcation when your roots grow through. Meaning we are attaching the hair extensions to healthy hair, near the root, that has not been battered by the bleaching.

To learn all about Olaplex and how it totally transforms lightened hair visit my pal here

We are offering Fabulong Remy Pastel hair extensions as micro ring extensions in lengths 12 - 22 inches. If you take advantage of our hair extension models wanted in Manchester offer with our apprentice Joy you can receive a wonderful model hair extension discount.

If you are a fair-hearted punk dying to get out you can, depending on your chemical history, go to a salon that uses Olaplex or if you're a handy home hair dye DIY chick, I've found a fantastic guide here by the wonderful Emi Unicorn.

Here’s to pastel tresses and pretty punk manes!

Pretty Pastel Remy Hair Extensions by Fabulong
Pretty Pastel Remy Hair Extensions by Fabulong
Beauty Works Remy extensions in Balayage by Jack Howard
Beauty Works Remy extensions in Balayage by Jack Howard

Beauty Works Remy extensions in Balayage by Jack Howard

The now classic Beauty Works Remy extensions in Balayage by Jack Howard

Colour expert Jack Howard's Balayage collection with Beauty Works are Remy hair extensions at their best. International colourist Jack Howard has worked his colour magic on London’s A-list including, Poppy Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse. Jack last year revealed his unique range of Balayage shades designed specifically for salon professionals consisting of five of the most sought after Balayage blends.

Designed to maximize volume, Beauty Works GOLD double weft is a revolutionary new weft design unique to Beauty Works. Our thickest hair extension weft yet, compacting 150g of Double Drawn Remy hair onto a flat double wefted lace design. Tried and tested by respected hair extension experts in the industry our unique lace design allows the hair to be double wefted onto a lace weft to create super thick extensions with more hair but less weft.

Double drawn:

The double drawn hair is ultimate luxury, specifically processed by hand to ensure all hair lengths are the same length, resulting in thicker, fuller looking hair from every angle. Virgin hair is hand selected and all shorter hair lengths are removed by our technicians. Guaranteed perfectly uniform hair which is balanced and gives the illusion of beautiful healthy hair.

The hair:

Beauty Works GOLD Remy Hair is the finest quality of 100% Remy human hair extensions. Hand selected and cuticle retained our virgin hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layer of the cuticle remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip. Ensuring natural shine and vitality allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Reusable for multiple salon applications our Remy hair can be reapplied and will last many months with the correct aftercare and maintenance.

Beauty Works delivers only the best in hair extension technology. Designed to be more secure and stronger than other weft extensions on the market, our unique double weft prevents shredding and allows salon professionals to apply weft extensions even faster with the GOLD Double weft system.

Jack Howard:

“Each weft gives that lovely soft feel, rather than the stronger demarcations we have seen on the market up until now. This range shows my signature softer balayage colours in the finest quality hair available to salons and stylists. Many celebrities opt for the balayage colour technique as it gives an expensive looking finish - this range allows the customer to have the look”

Contact us to book a free Beauty Works Remy hair extension consultation in Manchester or Chester

Beauty Works Remy extensions in Balayage by Jack Howard
Beauty Works Remy extensions in Balayage by Jack Howard
Balayage freehand painted highlights were first practiced in the 1970's
Balayage freehand painted highlights were first practiced in the 1970's

Balayage freehand painted highlights were first practiced in the 1970's

Get long, cool, french girl hair with Beauty Works and Fabulong Balayage Remy Hair extensions with Sable & Lock in Manchester & Chester.

You'd be forgiven for thinking balayage hair was very 2015 but balayage freehand painted highlights were first practiced in the 1970's. Hardly a new craze, but the perfect answer to the dilemma of Should I be blonde or brunette?

These days my hair needs as much help as it can get to be as Pinterest worthy as these stunners.

Beauty Works and Fabulong Remy Balayage hair extensions can transform your tired hair into flowing balayage tresses. Available in a constantly updated range, of ombre, balayage and mixed blends added to by award winning colourists in Remy lengths 14 to 22 inches. You can now have highlights, without bleach and damage with masses of body and length. We can apply Beauty Works and Fabulong Remy Hair extensions following free consultation and colour matching, in Manchester & Chester. Balayage hair extensions are the ideal way to beautifully and safely enhance your hair or totally overhaul your look.

Achieve the beachy mane or polished chic hair of your dreams with our Beauty Works and Fabulong Remy hair extension services in Manchester & Chester. These are just a few of the Remy Hair Extension shades.

The real beauty of balayage Remy extensions is that full heads or half heads can be added and blended to create personalised seamless bespoke hair styles. Seemingly flat boring hair can be magically turned into beautiful strands.

Please contact us to book a free consultation to find out more about offers we may have on Beauty Works and Fabulong Remy Hair Extensions in Manchester and Chester

Sable & Lock

Love Long Hair


Balayage freehand painted highlights were first practiced in the 1970's
Balayage freehand painted highlights were first practiced in the 1970's
Fabulong Fabulong Fabulong..I dream of you all day long!
Fabulong Fabulong Fabulong..I dream of you all day long!

Fabulong Fabulong Fabulong..I dream of you all day long!

These gorgeous Fabulong double drawn remy extensions & wefts have arrived in Manchester & Chester... and they are truly stunning!

Fabulong hair extensions are here in Manchester and Chester and they are LUSH! The new kids on the block are making waves with wefts and sandy strands. Oh my holy hair dreams Fabulong what are you doing to me! Fabulong Fabulong Fabulong oh how you tempt us so! Fabulong hair extensions are fast making a name for themselves in the industry and by the looks and feel of them will be massive in no time! There range of soft wefts and micro ring hair extensions are available to be fitted by me in Manchester and I'm about to blow your mind!

Free Installation of Fabulong Wefts

I need some great before & afters of Fabulong hair makeovers so I am offering FREE INSTALLATION OF FABULONG WEFTS IN MANCHESTER! I've spoken with Fabulong's founder Rosie & I am really pleased to say that although they are advertised as lasting 6-9 months they have a large portion of clients who are wearing them for 12 months plus with proper care.

I know!..Free Fabulong hair extension installation in Manchester and Cheshire? If you'd like to be involved and don't mind posing ;) be one of the first girls in Manchester to get Fabulong hair extensions fitted free of charge and only pay for the hair itself this March 2016.

This is an amazing offer that I am trialing because I want to give these beautiful Fabulong strands by this excellent company a go, due to all the amazing reviews their hair extensions are getting from girls and extension artists alike. I will be offering a select few ladies the chance to have Fabulong hair extension wefts & strands fitted using micro ring,  LA Weave method or my "no sew" micro ring application method. These techniques are faster than a full head of micro rings.

These beautiful Fabulong hair extensions can be yours for just the price of the hair! If you want an image overhaul with big hair or have a special occasion you'd like hair extensions for, but are a little strapped for cash, this offer is a brilliant opportunity to try the latest hair extension brand to make big waves & offer glorious results. Check out the Fabulong make overs here

Balmain's Oliver Rousteing and Sam McKnight mess with everyone's heads...sorry, hair!

Balmain's Oliver Rousteing and Sam McKnight mess with everyone's heads...sorry, hair!

As the 3 Angels of the Balmain apocalypse flew down the catwalk everyone gasped....

Kendall, Rosie, Gigi...always out of this world, but here, in their majesty, undefinable & otherworldly. Corseted, tasseled, cloaked in divine cloth, my favorite new supermodels appeared as players of themselves in a parallel universe.

Balmain, the fashion house hair gurus always make magic tresses, since 1977 they have been the masters, but no gravity deifying architectural updo's swayed down the catwalk in Paris yesterday, no taxidermy artfully caged in strands, not a perched motzartian pineapple in sight. But despite this absence of the outrageous, somehow Oliver Rousteing and Sam McKnight ....had messed with my head...their heads..all of our heads!

That was it...they had swapped their had...oh...they swapped all their hair colours!

Showcasing Olivier Rousteing flamboyant garments by contrast of understated hair colour swapping...Clever hair professors!!!! This was expertly and seamlessly done with Balmain's handcrafted lace front wigs, Uber stylist Sam McKnight said...

“Olivier wanted to create a surprise today, but we’ve still got natural, sexy, easy, cool girl hair"

Indeed lids...mission to the beautiful, parallel lands of supermodel head swapping accomplished, you stylishly out there pair!!

Balmain Hair Extensions

Balmain hair extensions & enhancers have been in my head constantly since my drool on them at the show last week! I was very lucky to speak personally with Balmain hair's national representative Pete Statham, at Pro Hair Live on Sunday. This guy really loves his hair and is an absolute stalwart in the sphere.

Balmain's ready to wear extensions are some of the finest I've ever seen in terms of construction, quality and colour blending. I got to see the latest quick fire fusion techniques applied and watched Steve Golds do some really wonderful catwalk hair with small versatile extensions in ways I'd never even thought of!

I haven't even told you about Pro Hair Live have I!!! I met the Kardashian's hair stylist Jen Atkin!

I've been so busy working on getting my site up and running that I've got a head full of sentences and not enough keyboard skills to kill em! I will be back with more hair extension excitement as soon as I've collected my thoughts..... Balmain hair has screwed with my head and its still spinning!

There's no business like Pro Hair Live show business!

There's no business like Pro Hair Live show business!

Mega looking forward to exhibitors, live talks and hair extensionist of the year competition launch!

If you notice the time this was published you may wonder what the hell is wrong with me today! Well its a hell of a weekend for hair extensions in Manchester! This is the first year I am qualified as an extension artist and I am so chuffed I now get to attend Pro hair live this Sunday!! There are so many exhibitors I want to see especially hair extension Couture from Paris by Balmain. Long time sleek tress geeks Remy Cachet, Masters of the quick fix Easy Locks and Cheshire's own hair extension queen bee's.. Beauty works.

If you notice the time this was published you may wonder what the hell is wrong with me today! Well its a hell of a weekend for hair extensions in Manchester!

This is the first year I am qualified as an extension artist and I am so chuffed I now get to attend Pro hair live this Sunday!!

There are so many exhibitors I want to see especially hair extension Couture from Paris by Balmain. Long time sleek tress geeks Remy Cachet, Masters of the quick fix Easy Locks and Cheshire's own hair extension queen bee's.. Beauty works.

Beauty works founder Penelope Cheshire and the team will be launching their new range of ready to wear "rooted" hair extensions, inspired by their hair Muse Jen Atkin, who will be on the main stage on Sunday at 11.45!

Ooo my fairy hair mother!

pro hair live show manchester 28th 29th february

In case you aren't obsessed with hair, she is hair stylist to the stars and founder of Mane Addicts...the online home of hair in my opinion! I loved this post about Chrissy Teigan getting hair extensions and another queen of the added tresses Prascilla Valles.

I'm also excited because I love a goody bag or free sample and they'll be product reps from Cloud 9 heat styling tools, Hair extension lifesavers Tangle Teezer & Magic Bobble plus my favorite smelling hair care range ever Fudge...Nommm!

Beauty Works Hair Extensions in Manchester

Beauty Works Hair Extensions in Manchester

Beauty Works was founded right here in Manchester in 2010.

Beauty Works was founded in 2010 by Penelope Cheshire right here in south Manchester! The city of Manchester has never been a shrinking violet in industry and Pen and the Beauty Works team are smashing the UK, European and US market. Beauty Works are now the hair market leaders in temporary extensions, building notoriety with quality hair and increasing their sales 20 fold since they launched just a few years ago! I think what they do is great and I love Beauty Works hair extensions because of their thick, glossy double drawn gold wefts and constantly updated ranges.

Featuring in Look Magazine, The Daily Mail, Glamour and Teen Vogue to name a few, Beauty Works hair extensions have been awarded Look Magazine’s “Best Hair Extensions” and crowned at The Hair Awards 2013, 2014, 2015.  Loved by extension artists, models, stylists, girls on the street and celebrities alike. Michelle Keegan, Dannii Minogue, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Palermo and Victoria's Secret models are just some of the heads they have enhanced.

When it comes to temporary hair lasting 6-12 months you really can't go wrong with Beauty Works. I love the transformations constantly uploaded by my fellow extension artists to Instagram, check them out for inspiration & the transformations Beauty Works hair extensions are capable of.

I've tried every hair grade out there from YAKI (horse/cow...i was duped... I was 16!!) to synthetic, to Indian REMY and I always wear virgin hair these days, but I'm a raw hair convert and may actually have a virgin hair extension addiction! I like a very subtle look day in day out that doesn't turn heads but just looks naturally healthy, as opposed to the look you can get with a Beauty Works Weft which is pure princess hair...that I'd really love on the weekend! For wedding or a special night out.

If you look at the price difference and the length of time the different hair lasts Virgin hair extensions do actually work out more cost effective in the long run, but it just depends what you prefer and that's why I offer both.

There are pros and cons to both types of hair extensions and I'll list some here to help you if you are trying to decide which kind of extensions to get.

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