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Sable & Lock hand-make luxury hair extensions in Didsbury, Manchester from the finest raw "virgin" hair in the world, this is the highest quality & longing lasting hair available. We specialise in custom made Micro Ring hair extensions, the Aston Martin of hair investment in your appearance.

Hair Extension Discounts Available in Manchester & Cheshire

We are offering Savings on hair extensions with prices from £99 and maintenance prices from £50

Savings of over over 50% are available on micro ring hair extentions to new customers depending on volume & length.

What We Do:

Learn a little more about Sable & Lock and our approach to helping you transform your hair.

Hair Extensions Manchester & Cheshire

Alongside our bespoke, raw virgin hair extensions we offer remy hair extensions, by Balmain Couture hair extensions, Fabulong hair extensions & Beauty Works hair extensions . These more temporary options are a brilliant way to get voluminous "Glamazon" tresses in multi-tonal blends and colours. Fabulong's & Beauty Works ombre & balayage remy hair extensions are blended beautifully to transform ordinary brown hair into sensational locks. If properly cared for these can be worn for 6 months to a year plus.

We will always endeavor to accommodate every client, from men & women wanting discrete, subtle enhancements, to magic hair overhauls. We love long hair and want you to look amazing, because if you do...we do too!

Mobile Hair Extensions

Skilled in re-tipping, re-fitting and hair extension maintenance , we have over 15 years experience of wearing, training and application. We promise that if we didn't have to charge you to live as we do, we wouldn't. Done well hair extensions transform, redefine and enhance us simply and beautifully. Wonderful creations are possible even on short, thin & fine hair.

Offering free, no obligation consultations in Manchester & Chester for our virgin Russian, Fabulong & Beauty Works hair extensions.

Want To Learn The Secrets Of Long Lasting Hair Extensions?

Our Hair Extensions Aftercare Advice Pack will help you ensure long lasting and beautiful Hair Extensions.

Read our Hair Extensions Tips & Tricks on how to make your hair extensions last as long as possible.

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The Genuine article

Virgin Russian Hair
By stefie on December 19, 2016 12:09

Our Ethos:

sleek russian virgin hair extensions

Sleek Bespoke Blends

We handcraft beautiful hair extensions in lengths from 10-26 inches and always ensure you are 100% happy with the glorious result.

Sable & Lock virgin Russian hair extensions are totally unprocessed & untouched by chemicals. This is termed in the trade as "virgin".

They are 100% cuticle intact, soft, smooth and respond just like your own hair to heat and the elements. Virgin hair extensions can be worn year after year & never look like hair extensions if correctly applied.

You can wash, dry, heat style and treat virgin hair extensions exactly as your own hair without them becoming tired and tangling.

Indian Hair Extensions For Curly Hair

Full Of Body & Texture

Sable & Lock understand the importance of well matched hair extensions and promise to always find the best texture available to match to your own hair.

Sometimes this will be Russian but for some men & women with textured hair I can source and lighten the finest ethical Indian temple hair.

Curly & wavy hair will always be carefully matched for natural patterns so that it may be treated exactly as your own hair.

Hair extensions that are not made from virgin hair and have been chemically processed with perming will never "behave" as real hair, and will require hour upon hour of styling to look good.

Hair Extensions For Natural Bed Head

Gradual & Subtle

Not everybody wants to overhaul their appearance with waist-length hair in one afternoon. A few carefully placed, custom made hair extensions are a beautifully discreet way to boost your confidence and feel more glamorous.

We can gradually build volume & length over time so you are the only person who knows you are wearing hair extensions. Through personal experience we don't believe a busy salon is the right environment for discreet enhancements so we travel to you, in an unmarked vehicle, and carry out our work in a place that you are totally comfortable.

The very best hair extensions subtly & stylishly improve a lady's image, making her feel more youthful and groomed.

Sable & Lock Virgin Russian hair extensions can last up to 5 years & are a little investment in your appearance. Even on limp, thin hair half a head of micro rings will transform your look from lacklustre to luscious!

Ethically Sourced Russian Hair Extensions

Ethically Sourced Hair

I am proud to trade fairly and personally source all my hair ethically, I promote safe application and only supply raw hair to other qualified extension artists.

I now offer training in raw hair preparation, double drawing & tipping. All the hair we source for our hair extensions is 100% "Virgin" meaning it has never been chemically processed in any way.

Our virgin hair extensions can be re-fitted again and again because we use the best raw hair available anywhere in the world.

Raw Virgin Hair Extension Preparation

Double Drawn Virgin Hair

Hand blending and double drawing personal blends. Transparency and honesty will mean the hair I carefully select is approved by you before my major work begins. This allows us both to be sure you are 100% happy with your investment.

Raw Virgin Russian Hair Extension Bundles

Shiny Ponytails

Totally unprocessed arrivals. We hand blend our virgin Russian hair extensions from the very finest hair available in the world, with a breaking strain of copper wire of equal diameter and long lasting beauty.

Unlike its many imitations this is real virgin hair, handcrafted especially for you and applied with skill and discretion.....Love Long hair x

Micro Ring Hair Extension Application

Traditional Safe Methods

Micro Rings. These light micro rings are threaded onto small sections of your own hair and closed around the tip of the hair extensions to create a neat finish that cannot be seen. Because no heat or glue is used to fit our virgin hair extensions they cause no damage to your own hair.

We only use the Micro Ring hair extension method to fit our bespoke hair extensions because it is the kindest hair extension application method available.

Full head luscious russian hair extensions

Natural Lush Results

Amazingly glorious easily maintained bespoke blends. Our hair really is the only thing we never take off. How it looks can determine our mood and effects our confidence.

Natural looking hair extensions are now the best kept little secret in Manchester.